The Greed of Seaweed


A term used for an outsider who settles in Bimini. 

Seaweed comes, seaweed goes. Some stay to nourish the land (seaweed is a natural fertilizer), and others wash-up for moments before getting swept out to new destinations. 

Honestly, I can't blame the overt or subtle repulsion towards outsiders on the island. Tourists arrive with extravagance and dispose of US-brought goods as trash before thrusting their tri-engine boats--overstuffed with Bahamian harvested seafood--back home. 

"But we spend money! 

"Bimini needs us, otherwise they wouldn't be asking us to buy things from them." 

"I need a weekend getaway from Miami, but I don't want to lose the perks." 

As a fellow species of seaweed, I would like to be of the nourishing type that can be put to use. That vegan sushi roll type of seaweed. Seaweed will surely return, but for now it is gone with the currents.